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DUI or impaired driving is one of the most complicated and technical criminal charges. It can be a difficult charge to prove. There are more defenses available to you than you may think.

Being charged with a crime can be devastating. But being charged with a crime doesn't mean you'll be convicted. The steps you take now can make all the difference to the outcome.

Traffic tickets carry greater penalties than just the fine. You might pay higher insurance premiums, or even lose your drivers license if you're convicted. That can happen after even just one ticket.

Have you been charged by the police?

If you've been charged by the police, speaking to a criminal defence lawyer is absolutely necessary. You need to know all of your options, the penalties you're facing, and how a conviction will affect you in both the short and long terms. You will want to know if the prosecution can even prove its case against you, or if you have a defense to the charges you are facing.

You may be charged with a crime like assault, theft, fraud or drug possession. Or you may be charged with a driving offense like DUI, impaired driving, speeding, or any other traffic ticket. No matter what the charge, take the time to speak to a criminal defence lawyer, or a lawyer who specializes in DUI or traffic ticket defence.

Your lawyer will review your case, find out if the charges can be proved, explore any defences you may have, and give you your options. When the judge asks you to enter your plea, he expects you are making an informed decision. So make sure that you are.

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Police Crackdown: Lemonade stand shut down. The world is safer!

Once again, my expectations have been trashed. I expect that if I read the words “police” and “lemonade stand” in the same sentence, it will go something like this: “Police enjoy a glass of lemonade served up by an aspiring 4 year old entrepreneur”. I don’t expect to read this: Police shut down little girl’s […]

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People have the right to assemble. Not Riot.

The Vancouver Canucks just lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. I live close to Vancouver, and I was cheering for the Canucks. I’m not a Canucks fan, but I hoped they would win. They didn’t, and … For the past hour I’ve been watching the police disperse people in downtown Vancouver. Why? Because […]

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Porn = suspension with no pay. Assault = suspension with pay.

Last week, Kelowna RCMP constable Geoff Mantler was charged with two counts of assault. One of the “alleged” assaults was caught on video, and you can decide for yourself how strong the case against him is. Manter is presumed innocent until he’s proven guilty. In the meantime, the RCMP have suspended him . . . […]

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Spurned grandma turned gunman shoots up house.

You refuse the sexual advances of your neighbour. Your neighbor returns home, gets a gun and shoots up your house (while you’re in it). Should your neighbor go to jail? The answer seems pretty obvious. At least it’s obvious to me. But what if your neighbour is a 92 year old woman? Should that matter? […]

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Put down that gun, I mean knife . . . I mean, TAKE OFF THAT BRA!

I used to believe that I had little to fear from woman’s lingerie. I just learned (indirectly from the York Regional police) that I’m mistaken. I’m glad I learned this information before I met a horrific fate. Police constable Jennifer Martin, who was testifying in an impaired driving case, stated that she asked the suspect […]

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Mel Gibson to enter plea deal on spousal assault allegations

Oksana Grigorieva said that Mel Gibson assaulted her back in January 2010. Was that allegation true? It’s just been reported that Gibson has reached a plea agreement, which should ensure that the actor will avoid going to jail. You might be thinking that the allegation is obviously true. Otherwise, why would Gibson agree to a […]

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Bus driver yanks child to ground – to teach a lesson?

A frustrated school bus driver yanked a girl to the ground because she wouldn’t listen to him and sit in her seat. The surveillance video tells the tale of 63 year old bus driver, Dan Taylor, who had obviously had been pushed to the end of his rope. The girl in question was seated in […]

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Convicted rapist freed – because he didn’t do it.

George Rodrigues spent 17 years in jail for raping a girl. The problem was, he didn’t do it. Rodrigues was convicted in 1987 on faulty scientific evidence. He was released in 2004 by a Texas appeals court. He wasn’t re-tried for the crime. Why? Because prosecutors cited concerns about having the victim, who had identified […]

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She must be MADD to be driving while she’s this drunk!

Even members of MADD need to have a good DUI lawyer on their speed-dial.

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How does an ordinarily non-violent person get charged with domestic assault?

Domestic violence allegations take many forms. Let’s face it. There are some people who commit spousal assault (or other domestic violence crimes) as a means of controlling the other person. But there are plenty of other allegations that take place because of unexpectedly heightened emotions. And, believe it or not, they can happen to anyone. […]

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