When an MLA (Thornthwaite) gets charged with D.U.I., what should she do?

What, if anything, does it say about DUI laws when a lawmaker is charged with it? And what should that lawmaker do if she finds herself in that position? While the World focuses on the last few days of the Olympics, one Vancouver politician will have to focus on how she will deal with being charged with impaired driving, and MADD’s calls for her resignation.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, B.C. Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite was driving home around 1 a.m. yesterday morning, after visiting some of Vancouver’s Olympic pavilions, when she was stopped at an RCMP road check. A breath sample revealed her blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit of .08 per cent. According to the Globe and Mail article, Thornthwaite is a mother of three, a  former school trustee and health consultant. She has a long history of community work in education and health care. By anyone’s standards, the type of personal resume you’d expect to see in a person who attains a position of trust and responsibility.

I don’t know Jane Thornthwaite. I have no doubt she is both trustworthy and responsible. So how does someone like her end up being charged with impaired driving?

It’s easy.

She’s human.

She made a mistake.

What this situation shows is just how easy it is for anyone, ANYONE, to be charged with impaired driving. Even a mother, a former school trustee and a current law maker.

So now that she is facing these charges, (which are unproven allegations at this point), what should she do?

If it was up Bob Rorison, the Metro-Vancouver president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving she should step aside until the charges are laid out and everything’s transparent (as reported in th CBC).

But should she?

I don’t think so.

Jane Thornthwaite is innocent until she’s proven guilty. Yes, she was drinking and driving (not against the law in Canada). But until a judge determines otherwise, she’s innocent of any crime and should be treated that way.

What do you think? Leave a comment, and let me know.

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  1. She is innocent until proven guilty.

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