New “drunk driving laws” target the wrong people – according to a cop!

When the cops think a law is bad, we know there is a problem.

I’d just come out of a downtown Vancouver office when I saw headline in the Vancouver Province:


with the sub text:

Police union head says officer now spend time dealing with driviers who’ve had a few drinks rather than problem drunks who cause carnage on the road

Wow! What could cause Tom Stamatkis (the police union head mentioned in the article) to say such a thing? I had to forgo Tim Horton’s and plug the remaining $1.25 in my pocket into the vending box to find out.

Here is what’s causing the uproar, as published in The Province:

Under new laws, a breathalyzer reading in the “warning range” beween 0.05 and 0.08 means an automatic three-day driving ban and a $200.00 fine.

You”ll also pay $250.00 to get your licence reinstated. You may also face having your car impounded for three days, plus towing and storage fees.

A second offence carries a seven day driving ban, a $300.00 fine and the $250.00 reinstatment feel. You may also lose your car for seven days.

A third offence means losing your licence and vehicle for 30 days, plus a $400.oo fine and a $250.00 reinstatement fee.

To regain your driving privileges, you will have to complete the Responsible Drivers Program and have to use an ignition interlock device whenever you drive for one year following your driving ban. Under previous rules, police gave a 24 hour roadside suspension.

That’s what your facing in British Columbia if you haven’t committed any criminal offence (i.e. you aren’t charged with impaired driving and you haven’t blown over 0.08).

That’s what your facing if you go out for dinner and drink what you think is a responsible amount.

That’s what your facing if you’re driving fine, walking fine, talking fine, juggling seven balls in the air fine, but your not fine. Your not over “criminal” limit. That doesn’t matter. You’re no longer O.K. You’re in the “warning” range.

And because you’re in the “warning” range, the new law directs police to take your licence, impound your car, and give you a ticket with a pretty large fine. You’ll also have to pay to get your licence back.

But you should know better. After all, you should know that you can’t be responsible. You shouldn’t drink and drive – at all.

But wait!

Here’s a little something that we’ve said on our website (and been given grief for), but this time by it’s being said by Mr. Stamatkis in the Province article:

In this country, at least, it’s not illegal to consume a glass of wine with dinner  . . .

Maybe now it is. That seems to be who this new law is targeting.

Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200.00, go directly to jail (for those who don’t play Monopoly, I apologize).

Who needs those pesky judges and juries anyway. They just get in the way of frontier justice. We used to say “let’s give the guilty bastard a fair trial and then let’s hang him!” Now, we don’t even need a trial. We just go straight to the hanging. How grand. Look at the money we’ll save!

Personally, I think this new change in direction is scary.

Then again, I like to go for dinner with my girlfriend and have a glass of wine or two.

What do you think?

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