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Breathalyzers might give false readings

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Roadside breathalyzer machines used in British Columbia are being recalled after lab tests suggested they might be giving false readings, according to an article in the Calgary Herald.

The article states that Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham, chair of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee, said that recent RCMP lab tests found a small “margin of error” in the current devices.

A “margin of error”? But we’ve all been led to believe that breathalyzers are perfect??? Not so.

We’ll never know how many people have had their vehicles impounded, had their drivers licences suspended, and had to pay fees to ICBC to get their drivers licences back when they hadn’t committed an offence. They just happened to be people who got caught in this “margin of error”.


That’s why we’ve said all along that breath results aren’t perfect. The machines aren’t perfect, and neither are the people who operate them.

So let’s say it like it is.

B.C.’s new tough drunk driving laws have been effective at taking drivers off the road . . . some who probably didn’t do anything wrong at all.