100% of all drivers on the road are distracted drivers, if I read the definition correctly.

I quit using the word “should” a long time ago.

I should look like Brad Pitt. I don’t.

I should have more money than I know what to do with. I don’t.

I should be living with Angelina Jolee. I don’t (see “I should” # 1 for the reason).

And we all should pay attention to our driving 100% of the time we are behind the wheel.

We don’t, and we never will.

Why? Because we’re human, and all humans make mistakes.

Sometimes these mistakes cause horrific consequences. People get injured. People die. That’s how life works.

I’m not trying to minimize the tragedy caused by distracted drivers. But there is some absurdity to the thought that we can prevent all auto deaths.

We can try and make our roads safer. We can educate people to the dangers of distracted driving. But can we keep people from being distracted? I don’t believe so.

Take a look at the definition of distracted driving in both Canada and the United States.

There are some obvious examples of distracted driving, such as watching a video, reading or using a cell phone.

Then there are the less obvious ones, like talking to passengers, changing the radio station, having strong emotions, and my favorite . . . daydreaming.

As long as people have been alive, they have been daydreaming.

What would I do if I looked like Brad Pitt?

What would I do if I had more money?

What would I do if I Angelina and I lived together?

And then comes the question: why didn’t I see that tree that I just drove into.

Such is the plight of the distracted driver. And as much as I try to pay attention while I’m driving, sometimes I have to talk to my passenger. Sometimes that is distracting, and sometimes I’m just darn fortunate that I didn’t get into an accident.

But I could be wrong, and if I am please let me know. Is it possible to prevent all distractions and be 100% in the moment all the time when you are driving?

Take a look at the definition of distracted driving on either the Canadian or American websites. If you’ve never been distracted by one of the “activities” listed on those websites, please tell me.

And if you say you’ve never been distracted, check your pulse. Either your not human, . . . or you’re already dead.

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  1. Distractions can at people from come from all possible angles. Distructions in itself are not a problem but how motorist adjusting to it.

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