Bruno Mars avoids prosecution by accepting a “deferred adjudication”

Last week I wrote a blogpost about the shoplifting allegation brought against Lindsay Lohan. This week, it’s Bruno Mars who’s in trouble with the law for possessing 2.6 grams of cocaine.

What’s the similarity between the two cases?

Their lawyers aren’t looking at fighting the charges. Rather they are negotiating on behalf of their clients to get the best deal possible.

Mars just accepted a “deferred adjudication” deal, which will see him avoid prosecution for drug possession.

Under the terms of the deal, Mars will get eight hours of drug counseling, do 200 hours of community service work, and pay a $2,000.00 fine. If he completes those requirements, and stays out of trouble for a year, he won’t be prosecuted.

In Lohan’s case, her lawyers are looking at an early disposition program to prevent her from going to jail.

Sometimes the best thing that criminal lawyers can do for their clients is “plea bargain,” And as long as the publics concerns are addressed, there are plenty of good reasons for the prosecution to accept please, like the one just entered into by Mars.

The State avoids the time and expense of a trial, and the offender usually pays society back (such as completing a community service program). In most cases the fine, community service work and monitored “good behaviour” are enough to deter an offender from repeating his transgression.

And while the two cases I’ve pointed out involve celebrities, diversion programs are available to anyone who knows they’re available and how to get into them.

Which makes for a compelling reason to “never plead guilty” to any charge, until you know all of your options.

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