Will criminals be happy about poorly paid prosecutors and police?

Will criminals benefit from poorly paid and poorly trained prosecutors and police officers?

That’s what Sonia Lebel, a Montreal prosecutor said after being forced back to work by the Quebec government.

Quebec’s prosecutors were on strike when the government adopted back-to-work legislation.

In Lebel’s words:

“The criminals are maybe the only people really happy about what’s happening right now. We gave them a Crown that’s not equipped to fight them.”

I disagree with Lebel.

Underfunding prosecutors (and police) will be worse for criminals – in the long run. Here’s why.

If there’s no budget (or if the budget is too small) to properly train and pay police and prosecutors, some criminals will benefit in the short term. How?

If cops and prosecutors wages are too low, fewer qualified people will want to do those jobs. And we all know that you get what you pay for.

What’s the short term result?

Some of those poorly trained and poorly paid police officers and prosecutors will make mistakes.

Criminal  lawyers will pounce on those mistakes, and some of their clients will avoid conviction.

More criminals stand to go free, and that’s why Lebel says they’re happy about the current state of affairs in Quebec.

But what will happen in the long term?

The public will be angered by the amount of criminals who are being let off on technicalities (mistakes that the police and prosecutors made).

They’ll let the politicians know that they’d better do something about it, or they won’t be voting for them the next time around.

And, politicians being politicians, will want to protect their jobs and their pensions.

Laws will be changed to make it easier to get convictions.

More “criminals” will go to jail. They won’t be “happy” (as Lebel says they will be) about having under paid police and prosecutors.

The problems is, more innocent people will probably go to jail too.

That’s my opinion, but what do you think?

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3 Responses to “Will criminals be happy about poorly paid prosecutors and police?”

  1. Prosecutors are doing their job for the benefit of society. All cases must be vetted by a qualified professional. Underpaid workers will inevitably lead to a downfall of the system.

  2. Haha2 says:

    Its a long run which means it may not become possible and what law with the politicians make to send people to jail? Im confused by the article you wrote, the less prosecutors there are the less people will go to jail in an amount of time.

  3. Jutt44 says:

    Police officers get paid way too much! The average vancouver police officer makes over$100,000/ year after overtime, plus a fat pension, plus benefits… Remember, no education required! Any young person should re-think going to university, after student loans and lost earning years… You are way better off becoming a police officer.

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