Police lie about writing traffic tickets.

On January 21st, the Montreal Gazette published an article entitled:

“Police admit using traffic ticket quotas”

The dangers of the police having a ticket quota is obvious: a police officer might issue a questionable ticket just to reach a quota.

But let’s put that aside for a second and look at what I find more troubling.

The article states that:

“Following years of denial that Montreal police are assigned a daily quota of tickets to hand out, a member of the top brass has finally fessed up.”

“Yes, Montreal police officers have an objective for traffic tickets” for every shift they spend on the road, Chief Inspector Stephane Lemieux acknowledged yesterday.

Apparently the top ranks of the Montreal police had repeatedly denied the existence of any such quotas. But now, they’ve decided to be “more transparent, more open.”

That could also be read as: We’ve decided not to lie about this anymore. We’ve decided to be honest . . . about this.

I understand that there are certain things that the police don’t want to tell the public.

Things that would compromise the safety of police officers, or that would compromise an investigation.

The police might even tell a lie to trap a criminal. That I understand.

But I don’t understand when the police tell the public a lie about something as innocuous as whether they have a traffic ticket quota or not.

True, it opens the door to a questioning about whether a ticket was issued to reach a quota.

But my feeling is it is more detrimental to the public confidence in the police when they decide to lie about something like this.

If find myself asking: “If they would lie about this, what else would they lie about?”

And if I’m not the only person who feels this way, that can’t be good for the police.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Police lie about writing traffic tickets.”

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  2. Quotas have always been in discussions. In many police services officer is forced to do the job. Issuing a traffic ticket is just one of the way to ensure that police are doing something.

  3. Beatriz Dickens says:

    Of course they lie, I have been stop every once in a while and 2 times they lie, telling me I was following to close and send to traffic school, I was doing 15mph in a school zone and nobody was 1 mile in front of me. And recently they pull me over for a speeding ticket 55/35 and I was doing barely 45 in a 55 road. I ask him to drive back to make sure about the sign and he told me not and if I did not sign the ticket he would arrest me, I went back and it was 55mph road.

  4. I hope you won that speeding allegation Beatriz…

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