What Lindsay Lohan knows about shoplifting that you should know too.

Lindsay Lohan knows that sometimes the best offense is a good defense . . . lawyer that is.

Lohan has been charged with stealing a necklace from a California jewelry store.

If convicted, reports state that she could face up to three years in a state prison.

So what is Lohan doing about the allegations?

If reports are correct, she’s entering an early disposition program where she may be able to work out a deal to keep the case from going to trial.

She’s taking the right steps.

1. Hire a good criminal lawyer. Don’t go it alone. Get a lawyer who knows the ropes.

2. Let the lawyers do their job. They’ll review the evidence against her. If there’s a defense, they’ll run it. If they don’t see one . .

3. They’ll explore options like diversion or early disposition. They’ll work on getting the best result possible for Lohan. Avoiding a criminal record is the best possible result. If they can’t do that, maybe they can keep her out of jail, or limit the time she has to be incarcerated.

It sounds like that what’s going on here. If there’s a way for Lohan’s lawyers to beat these charges, they will. If not, they’ll be in full damage control mode.

If Lohan follows her lawyers advice, she’ll get the best result possible.

If not, it may be a while before she graces the silver screen again.

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