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Porn = suspension with no pay. Assault = suspension with pay.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Last week, Kelowna RCMP constable Geoff Mantler was charged with two counts of assault.

One of the “alleged” assaults was caught on video, and you can decide for yourself how strong the case against him is.

Manter is presumed innocent until he’s proven guilty. In the meantime, the RCMP have suspended him . . . . with pay!


Spurned grandma turned gunman shoots up house.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

You refuse the sexual advances of your neighbour. Your neighbor returns home, gets a gun and shoots up your house (while you’re in it). Should your neighbor go to jail?

The answer seems pretty obvious. At least it’s obvious to me. But what if your neighbour is a 92 year old woman?

Should that matter?

I found the story, which should be posted under the “to weird to be true” category, on “”

According to reports, 92 year old Helen Staudinger was denied a kiss by her 53 year old neighbor, Dwight Bettner.

Staudinger had gone to Bettner’s home to speak to him. He asked her to leave, which apparently upset her.

She went home, grabbed her gun (a very un-grandmotherly thing to do), and then shot up Bettner’s house.

Bettner wasn’t hit. But shooting up someones house is still . . . shooting up someones house.

What Staudinger is alleged to have done is a violent crime, and it could have had deadly consequences. She (and Bettner) are just lucky that she didn’t hit him.

What should happen to her now?


Put down that gun, I mean knife . . . I mean, TAKE OFF THAT BRA!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

I used to believe that I had little to fear from woman’s lingerie. I just learned (indirectly from the York Regional police) that I’m mistaken. I’m glad I learned this information before I met a horrific fate.

Police constable Jennifer Martin, who was testifying in an impaired driving case, stated that she asked the suspect (Sang Eun Lee – pictured on the left) to remove her underwire bra over concerns that it could be used as a weapon.


It started with a pat down search of Lee, following her arrest. The search revealed an underwire bra (that must have been quite a surprise to Martin . Imagine, a woman wearing an underwire bra!).

Lee was asked to remove the bra, which she did after removing her coat and sweater and exposing her breasts. Martin turned the bra over to her supervisor, and it was returned to Lee later.

According to Martin’s un-named supervisor, it is standard practice to have female officers require all accused woman to remove their underwire bras. Why? Martin gave two reasons:


Mel Gibson to enter plea deal on spousal assault allegations

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Oksana Grigorieva said that Mel Gibson assaulted her back in January 2010. Was that allegation true?

It’s just been reported that Gibson has reached a plea agreement, which should ensure that the actor will avoid going to jail.

You might be thinking that the allegation is obviously true. Otherwise, why would Gibson agree to a plea deal. Right?

Maybe. Maybe not.


Bus driver yanks child to ground – to teach a lesson?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

A frustrated school bus driver yanked a girl to the ground because she wouldn’t listen to him and sit in her seat.

The surveillance video tells the tale of 63 year old bus driver, Dan Taylor, who had obviously had been pushed to the end of his rope.

The girl in question was seated in the front seat, across the isle from the bus driver. She stands up (in the aisle of the bus) and talks to other children who are seated behind her. When the bus driver notices this, he reaches behind him and grabs her by her backpack. He pulls her to the floor and says:

“That’s what’s going to happen if I hit the brakes. Now get in that seat and sit down.”

The girl goes back to her seat.


Convicted rapist freed – because he didn’t do it.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

George Rodrigues spent 17 years in jail for raping a girl. The problem was, he didn’t do it.

Rodrigues was convicted in 1987 on faulty scientific evidence. He was released in 2004 by a Texas appeals court.

He wasn’t re-tried for the crime. Why?

Because prosecutors cited concerns about having the victim, who had identified Rodrigues as one of the two men that attacked her, testify again. Sometimes that reason is valid. Being victimized is one thing. Having to go through a trial is another.

Criminal lawyers don’t make trials easy for victims. In fact, they often make it unpleasant.