Bus driver yanks child to ground – to teach a lesson?

A frustrated school bus driver yanked a girl to the ground because she wouldn’t listen to him and sit in her seat.

The surveillance video tells the tale of 63 year old bus driver, Dan Taylor, who had obviously had been pushed to the end of his rope.

The girl in question was seated in the front seat, across the isle from the bus driver. She stands up (in the aisle of the bus) and talks to other children who are seated behind her. When the bus driver notices this, he reaches behind him and grabs her by her backpack. He pulls her to the floor and says:

“That’s what’s going to happen if I hit the brakes. Now get in that seat and sit down.”

The girl goes back to her seat.

The bus driver then says:

“You won’t listen to me. Very dangerous you being in that aisle. I keep trying to tell you to sit down and stay in your seat. You won’t listen to me. Now, that’s gonna happen, only worse.”

It’s pretty clear from the video that the reason the bus driver pulled the girl to the ground was to teach her a lesson. But was he right in doing it this way?

He’s probably right when he tells here what could happen: if he slams on his brakes, or if he his a vehicle in front of him, anyone in the aisle will probably be worse off than if they were in their seat.

His heart may have been in the right place, but did he do the right thing?

Or did he do the wrong thing, and should be be charged with assault?

If you want to do an interesting social experiment, ask yourself those questions. If you’re under 60, ask someone who’s over 60. Do the same thing if you’re over 60. Do the responses differ? They did for me, but let me know what your experience was.


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