Spurned grandma turned gunman shoots up house.

You refuse the sexual advances of your neighbour. Your neighbor returns home, gets a gun and shoots up your house (while you’re in it). Should your neighbor go to jail?

The answer seems pretty obvious. At least it’s obvious to me. But what if your neighbour is a 92 year old woman?

Should that matter?

I found the story, which should be posted under the “to weird to be true” category, on “thesmokinggun.com.”

According to reports, 92 year old Helen Staudinger was denied a kiss by her 53 year old neighbor, Dwight Bettner.

Staudinger had gone to Bettner’s home to speak to him. He asked her to leave, which apparently upset her.

She went home, grabbed her gun (a very un-grandmotherly thing to do), and then shot up Bettner’s house.

Bettner wasn’t hit. But shooting up someones house is still . . . shooting up someones house.

What Staudinger is alleged to have done is a violent crime, and it could have had deadly consequences. She (and Bettner) are just lucky that she didn’t hit him.

What should happen to her now?

She’s presumed innocent, and entitled to a fair trial. I doubt it will ever get that far.

Her lawyer, whether hired, court appointed or one who decides to defend her “pro bono” (for the public good) will likely try to negotiate a deal that will keep her out of jail, away from her neighbor and prohibit her from possessing a firearm.

In this case, given what we know, that would seem appropriate.

There’s no mention of her having any prior record of violence. Any jail sentence would likely be a death sentence, given her age (by death sentence, I mean she would likely die in jail). And if she can’t possess a firearm in the future, she likely is never going to be a future threat.

But what if there was an identical crime committed, but this time it was committed by a 32 year old man? What kind of sentence should be imposed then?

If you were the judge hearing both of these cases what would you do?

Would you lock up the man, the grandma, neither, both??








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